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The D.O.N.

Enabling A Global Data Commons for Emissions

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At the heart of Demia's technology, is it's Decentralized Oracle Network (DON). A form of public infrastructure network tailor made for data collection and retrieval. Containing the tools needed for projects to publish data from their facilities, secure that data on a global data commons, maintain ownership of the data, and provide access only to the right people, at the right time.

The DON helps projects ensure that data is always available with a distributed network of nodes that provide 99.9% uptime, effective data redundancy, and perpetually available services.

OUR TECHnology

The Demia Platform

Comprehensive Measurement

Demia redefines traditional emissions measurement  transitioning from intermittent data sampling, to comprehensive data collection.


Sensor based data is secured at the facility and captured in near real time, ensuring zero data manipulation.


Manually acquired data becomes semi automated with local input interfaces and daily captures.  


All data sources contribute to an understanding of a projects data lifecycle, creating measurable data confidence.

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Multi-Project Coordination

Project Operators and Auditors can track and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Through a simplified dashboard, providing them with the tools they need to ensure projects operate as expected.


Projects are secured through W3C enabled Digital Identities. Creating an organizational ownership structure for project data.


Easy to use access control management interface for adding new operators, or auditors.


3D Digital Twins of the project location, enabling users to step through the facility, visualizing where the data is coming from.

Granular Analytics and Reporting

Demia embeds industry standard methodologies for measuring impact of a project directly into the projects dashboard. Providing real time analytics, and streamlining the auditing and certification process.


Approved, cross industry standard methodologies, made digitally available


Data down to the individual data point from each data source, tracked, measured, and reported.


Simplifying monitoring, verification and validation reports, while ensuring data is interoperable and available through open APIs.

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