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Connect your facility to the Demia network and platform, securing your data and reducing your friction for earning financial incentives.

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Join the Demia platform to scale the number of projects you're auditing with Demia  tools and reduce your need for on site visits

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Integrate with Demia to enable projects you certify to streamline their reporting with high quality, comprehensive data.

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Trust that your commitments are creating a true and scalable impact  by ensuring they're verified and certified with Demia.


Join the Demia community to show support for new projects, provide feedback on our progress, and meet like minded peers.


Project Developers

Access the tools you need for seamless project reporting, regardless of project size. Use the Demia platform to manage your project data, and coordinate with auditors and certifiers.

Secure project data, remove friction from your existing auditing process, amplify the impact you make as a developer, and unlock more value from the financial incentives you earn.


Unlock new opportunities for earning validation fees by offering valuable services that facilitate validation through the Demia platform.

Join our vibrant community and ecosystem to help guide the development of the Demia platform as a partner. Together, we can streamline verification and validation to create a more sustainable future.

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Become a Demia partner, and signify to projects that you want to streamline the certification process. Together we can help solve the trust and supply problems that limit the growth of carbon markets, by accelerating certification for projects with high quality data availability.

Join Demia's governing council, and help guide the development and standardization of the Global Data Commons.


Whether you're funding projects that make and impact, or purchasing credits, we need you to guide what creates trust in carbon markets. We need to know what kinds of projects you care about, and what kind of transparency helps you trust them.

As we work together to increase the quality of carbon markets, then the value we bring back to projects can scale. Enabling them to accelerate the growth of their impact for us to reach our global net zero goals.

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We know we can't do this alone, and we're listening to you that truly care about creating positive change. Join the Demia community to show support for new projects, provide feedback on our progress, and meet like minded peers.

As we grow with our partners and customers, your guidance helps us know we're on the right track. And your assistance helps make sure our open source solutions are best in class and that we're not building more siloes.

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Our Story

Join Demia Community as a project developer, auditor, certifier, investor, or supporter.

Just because you're not working in the industry, doesn't mean you don't care. The one thing we truly believe at Demia, is that regardless of your perspective, we all need to strive to do better, and support projects that help create a more sustainable world.

If this sounds like you, then join! We're happy to have supporters that help guide us and provide feedback on what we're building. You never know, maybe it's the pivotal step you needed to transition into the industry yourself.

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