Making Carbon Markets Work


Scaling Carbon Markets through secure data logistics

At DEMIA, we are dedicated to enabling projects, auditors and certifiers to more seamlessly collaborate. We believe that by simplifying how data is secured, shared, and measured through innovative technologies, we can drive positive change towards a more sustainable future.

Securing Data

We increase trust in project data through streamlined data logistics for developers and operators using plug and play edge devices and Open APIs. Ensuring that project data is protected and verifiable from the source.


Assessment and Deployment

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Removing Friction

Once data is secured, we implement advanced data analytics in alignment with industry standards and regulations. Providing real-time insight into the environmental impact happening on site.


Monitoring & Analytics

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Amplifying Impact

DEMIA increases the trust auditors have in project impact with demonstrable data confidence, verifiable data provenance, certifiable data ownership and comprehensive data assurance.

This streamlines the auditing process for project operators.  Shortening audits to monthly and quarterly cycles and increasing credit integrity and quality.


Confidence & Veracity

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Unlocking Value

Typical audit processes can take years resulting in delays in revenue generation for project operators. DEMIA solves this with it's data logistics and analytics services.

Auditors and certifiers are able to streamline their workflows. Resulting in credits being issued on a quarterly basis, and with a higher value per credit due to the increased level of quality and decreased risk.


Auditing & Certification

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The Vision

To connect a global community of companies, united by a commitment to sustainability.

How we do it

Our Technology

At DEMIA, we are focused on building the tools needed to scale carbon markets. Aiming to unlock and scale the finance needed to meet global decarbonization goals. By transitioning a currently analog industry into a digitally native one, we're all able to operate more effectively, proactively, and sustainably. We believe that by fostering transparency and embracing innovative technologies, we can drive positive change towards a more regenerative future.

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A Global Data Commons

The DEMIA Zero-Trust Data Fabric, enables a universal hub of collaboration where projects prove their positive impact. Project operators and developers easily publish dynamic data, streamline verification, and provide data to auditors and certifiers. This allows Auditors and Certifiers to coordinate with projects in real time remotely. And enabling purchasers to trust the projects they're acquiring credits from.

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The Demia Platform

A web based interface, allowing projects to Monitor and Report the data needed to generate credits. Connecting auditors and certifiers with seamless Verification and Validation process. Streamlining the generation of monitoring, verification and validation reports to shorten the cycle of credit issuance.

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Identity, Security, and Accessibility

A self-sovereign identity suite, tailor made for carbon market stakeholders, enabling a undeniable provenance for organizations, facilities and devices. With layered encryption and digital signatures, it ensures that data is accessible only to those who need it. Providing peer-to-peer data access and giving projects the ability to remain in control of their data.  

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Working together to make Carbon Markets work

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Connect your facility to DEMIA, securing your data and reducing your friction for earning financial incentives.

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Become a DEMIA partner to scale the number of projects you're auditing with Demia tools and reduce your need for on site visits.

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Integrate with DEMIA  to shorten your certification and credit issuance cycles with high quality, comprehensive data.

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Trust the credits you're buying by ensuring their impact is verified and certified as high quality with DEMIA.

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Demia Data Logistics

Irrespective of your stage in the carbon journey, we offer automated carbon accounting, investor-grade reporting, and decarbonization planning to support and guide you.

If you're a project developer, and want to make your data submission, monitoring and measurement process easy, then schedule a demo today! We're happy to work with you and help make your auditing and certification process as frictionless as possible with a goal of shortening your credit issuance cycles and increasing your price per credit.

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